AmbiFlex LED is a new, exclusive brand at the forefront of combining the beauty of traditional incandescent filament bulbs with the energy-saving advantages of LED technology.

What makes our LED bulbs unique is an innovative flexible, curved filament that distributes light around the whole of the bulb – so they create an ambience just like the incandescent versions that your customers know and love.

AmbiFlex LED bulbs are the perfect decorative lighting solution for hotels, restaurants, bars and heritage locations with the benefit of lasting fifteen times longer than traditional incandescent lamps.

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With more than ten decades of experience in the lighting industry between us we created AmbiFlex LED because we have often been disappointed by the lack of high-quality options in the market for LEDs with visible filaments.

Instead, we wanted to offer a premium flexible filament LED bulb that will save energy and contribute to carbon reduction strategies – without compromising on quality.

ELG (European Lamp Group) is our sole UK distributor of AmbiFlex. The combination of perfect filament lamp, supported by a trusted, expert lighting partner makes AmbiFlex a compelling solution for commercial customers in the retail, hospitality, heritage and leisure sectors.